Butt Bootcamp

Can a massage really reverse the effects of gravity? I headed to Fowey Hall Hotel to sample Mama Mio’s Butt Bootcamp…

Lift your butt in one hour is the claim made by Mama Mio regarding the Bootcamp for Butts. I was intrigued, but sceptical. Could one hour’s worth of non-surgical treatment really have any impact?

According to Leanne, my therapist, the more you have, the better the results. She said that she had seen one lady completely lose the line created by bum overhang.

The theory behind this exciting, but possibly too good to be true idea, is that the mix of products and massage will boost the lymph and stop the body from retaining water.

The front of my legs were cleansed, before Leanne set to work slapping my thighs – in a manner reminiscient of a Turkish hammam – with all kinds of potions and lotions.

Eight products were used altogether: cleansers, exfoliaters, toners, moisturisers, a seaweed wrap and a chemical peel which made me feel like I’d fallen into a patch of stinging nettles without trousers on. Like prickly heat, it was almost unbearably itchy and I had to lie on my hands to resist the temptation to scratch. It was only Leanne’s assurances that it was really effective which stopped me from screaming at her to take it off. Although she did do her best to distract me with a lovely calf massage.

Afterwards my thighs and bum felt smoother than I can ever remember them feeling. And, thanks to the last moisturiser, wonderfully zingy. An inspection the following day proved that the bum line was still in evidence, but there weren’t any dimples. The skin definitely looked smoother and tighter.

I was pleasantly surprised and might even be tempted to go for the boob job next.



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